Supernatural: Man’s Best Friend With Benefits

Supernatural Season 8 LogoI can’t even come up with a sassy alternate title, because the original title already says it all.  Thanks, writers, that’s half my fun in writing these recaps.  However, as I already said, there was nothing else I could say about the title of this episode, because it really was about man’s best friend with benefits.

We should probably start at the beginning.  Sam and Dean apparently once knew a guy named James, who has called them to town on a case.  Except, they don’t know that James is a witch now, and he has a familiar named Portia.  Portia is a rather attractive woman who spends half her time as a Doberman.  Which is kind of cool.  It’s also interesting to note that the show decided to explore the sexual politics of shape-shifters.  James didn’t call them for anything.  Portia contacted them because she’s worried about the dreams he’s been having.

James is a detective, but lately he’s been having dreams about killing people.  People who just happen to wind up dead the next day.  And now he’s finding his bloody clothes in the garbage can afterwards.  He doesn’t want Sam and Dean’s help, but the Winchesters are fiercely loyal, even to newfound witches, and they decide to help him.  Or kill him if it turns out that he is responsible for the killings and has turned into a monster.

Portia and Dean go to see if anyone knows of a spell that can control another person and end up talking to Phillippe,  a sassy cat who just happens to be the familiar of Spencer, James’ friend and witch mentor.  You can look at my notes, I called Spencer as being behind the trouble from the first time he appeared.

For those playing kink bingo with your TV, this week included bondage sex!  Anyway, Spencer was behind the killings, and he ends up killing Phillippe.  What did that poor cat ever do to you?  He was amazing and sassy.  As it turns out, Spencer is jealous that Portia chose James instead of him.  Because it was Spencer’s lifelong dream to have sex with a chick who turns into a dog.  It’s like he gets off on the feeling of control or something, oh wait.

Sam and Dean drive off, and Sam starts coughing up some blood.  I knew that undepressing ending last week was a fluke.

Also, I’m sure some of you have realized that many of the guest stars this season played different characters in previous years.  The only two episodes that did not have recast guest stars were 8.04 and 8.14.  Discuss.


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