Review: Need

Need by Todd Gregory
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I actually finished the book back in November, but am just now reviewing because I didn’t know what to say. I’ve decided I’m just going to be perfectly blunt.

There may be some people out there who like gay erotica that borders on rape fantasy, but I’m not one of them.

I was initially drawn to this book because I determined gay vampires and erotica was a smashing combination. I was wrong. Or, at least in the case of this particular, book I was wrong.

Cord is a baby vampire who had a really lousy maker who only turned him because he wanted to have kinky vampire sex with him before moving on to the next boytoy that caught his eye. Really, that’s what starts this whole thing. When Cord figures out that orgies and dubious consent do not constitute love, he decides to strike out on his own. Except, he doesn’t really know the first thing about being a vampire, because, like we said, his master didn’t actually give a damn about what happened to him.

The actual story itself follows Cord as he A) has a lot of sex with strangers, B) tries to figure out the mystery behind his own death and why that roommate from his human life is suddenly way into him and C) has a lot of sex. I’ve read other erotic romance novels that had far more of a plot line than this book. The icing on the cake is that nearly every sex scene in the book occurs under some form of dubious consent. I think there may have been two where it was perfectly clear that we were dealing with two consenting males who wanted to have sex with each other for no other reason than they wanted to bang. Seriously, the sex scenes in this book were not my thing. If you want to read a m/m paranormal romance, I’d recommend 40 Souls to Keep.

It has the potential to be a fairly interesting series. But the first book doesn’t actually inspire me to continue reading.

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