Revolution: The Stand

Revolution Poster, Season 1After a four month hiatus, Revolution finally came back.   I had some misgivings about the second half of the season due to some unsavory spoilers I heard about what we were to expect, but I decided to give it a go anyway.  Mostly because David Lyons is perfect and Billy Burke is a close second.  Only time will really be able to tell us if the second half of the season is actually worth it, but, right now, it’s not looking so good.

So, we start off exactly where we left off with Monroe using his newfound power to chase down Charlie and Co with some helicopters.  The gang runs into an abandoned store and hide in the industrial freezer as the helicopter launches a missile at them.  Note to self: in the event of World War III, hide in the freezer at work.  That’s sure to protect me from all sorts of evils in the world.  The next step is getting out of Philadelphia, which isn’t going to be easy since everyone knows what Miles looks like.  So the show gives us a wagon with dead bodies to secret everyone out of the city, with Charlie using her brand to fool the guards.  So, we only branded Charlie as plot device, right?  Are we ever going to do something on this show that doesn’t turn into a walking plot device?  More on that later.  Meanwhile, I wasn’t all that concerned with how they were going to get out of the city; now I’m just concerned over where they got the bodies and horses from.  And what they did with the bodies in the coffins the living people were hiding in.

I think this was about the time where we had a brief Monroe scene.  I’m just going to condense them all into one, because I didn’t take notes, and I don’t quite remember where exactly in the episode they took place.  Despite orders that Miles is to be killed with the other traitors/rebels, Monroe seems to be having a hard time convincing himself that he actually wants Miles dead.  If anything, the more he tries to avoid talking about Miles, the more you can tell that is exactly what he’s thinking of.  I really hope they aren’t planning on killing Monroe at the end of the season, because quite frankly, he’s the only reason I’m hanging on at this point.

After some happy family time with the group, Rachel says they need to get some power of their own.  And she just happens to know someone who lives nearby.  Close enough that even though she and Miles go one way while Charlie and Danny go with Nora to the rebel camp, that they are only twelve hours apart from each other by horseback.  Uncanny.  That pendant was right under Monroe’s nose the entire time!  And no one noticed that this guy had electricity!

Jason and his dad have a falling out over the fact that Jason has an annoying tendency to see the world in black and white.  It’s war, boy, people die.  Do you honestly think the rebels would really care that much if militia children died?  The militia recruits young, obviously, and if the rebels would attack Philadelphia, a lot of civilians would die in the process.  Then again, this is probably just another problem with the writing, where no matter what atrocities the protagonists commit, they are still pure but the antagonists are evil because the show tells us so.  At this point, all I see in Monroe is a broken man.

Rachel and Miles share a “moment,” which made me want to throw my tv out a window.  Really, we do not need Miles to be involved in some teenage hormonal love triangle.  Not to mention, if we’re supposed to be seeing them in this black and white universe you want to create with your characters, what are we supposed to do with the implications that Rachel was cheating on her husband with his brother?  If not physically, then at the very least, emotionally.  Either realize your characters don’t fall into the black and white morality and deal with it, or stop trying to craft your universe around that black and white morality.  You can’t have both.

Charlie and Danny are with the rebels when Jason tells them an air strike is coming.  Charlie begs with Danny to sit this one out, but he insists that he’s old enough to make his own decisions and she doesn’t have to hold his hand anymore.  Oh, look, I see where this is going.  We all see where this is going.

The air strike starts, and instead of using those missiles we know the helicopters have, they spend a lot of time wasting bullets.  I thought an air strike would involve some type of explosive, not a ridiculous amount of bullets wasted despite the alleged bullet shortage that’s been going on for years.  Rachel and Miles show up just in time with a rocket launcher, and Rachel somehow figures out which helicopter has the amplifier on it.  Miles is about to take aim when he looks over his shoulder at his girls, apparently deciding which one he was going to tap tonight.  Or something.  Miles, now is not the time to be dealing with your sordid love life.  Look at what it did to your nephew/son.  Look.

Anyway, Miles drops the rocket launcher and Danny rushes forward to pick it up.  He shoots the helicopter with the amplifier despite a complete lack of military training, and then instead of running away, just sort of stands there in awe.  And gets shot down by the other chopper.  Now, this is the part that really bothers me.  Because the amplifier was already destroyed.  Right?  That’s why the choppers were going down.  And a machine gun on a black hawk is usually going to be electrically fired.  Do you see where I’m going with this?  A black hawk that has lost all electric power is not going to be firing anything.    Not only is Danny’s death pointless, it doesn’t make any sense.  And yes, it was pointless.  Because it was included as part of character motivation so the rest of them would take down Monroe.  Because he didn’t kill Ben.  Or keep Rachel hostage for years.  How much motivation does Charlie really need?  Maybe we should kill Miles as well, just to make sure that girl is well and truly committed.


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