The Borgias Season 3 Preview Buzz


The Borgias Season 3 returns this Sunday night at 10/9c for it’s third season.  Rumor has it that this might be the final season, so we should all enjoy it as much as we can while it lasts.   This season starts off with Rodrigo suffering from the aftereffects of an attempted poisoning and Caterina Sforza on a mission to kill the entire family.  Spoiler: I’m pretty sure they escape since all three of them are listed in the episode synopsis for the remainder of the season.  Notably absent: Joffre.  Then again, I’ve about given up all hope that the show is ever going to remember that Joffre exists again.  Now, I have yet to actually watch the entirety of the second season, but I’m pretty sure from what I’ve seen he was barely in it.

What can we expect from the Borgias Season 3?  Things both wonderful and distressing.

First of all, we are getting official Borgiacest.  If this was surprising to anyone, I’m sorry if you haven’t watched any of the trailers yet.  The only thing that disappoints me with this is I remember Neil Jordan saying at the very beginning that he was not going to go that route.  Going with the incest route is hardly revolutionary, especially in the case of the Borgias.  Instead of being shocking, it’s simply the same old song that countless other writers have sung before.  What would have been different in this case, and more of a pleasant surprise, would be not going the incest route.  Especially since the Canal+ version has been going the incest route since the first season.

i7sVBKnBkBXIrIn more exciting news, Micheletto is getting his own story arc this season.  Not only his own story arc, but he’s actually getting a love interest.  Although, I am rather disturbed by how secretive they are being about the character’s gender.  Most of the summaries refer to the love interest by name or as Micheletto’s lover.  we already know he’s into men, so unless the character actually turns out to be a girl, I don’t understand what the huge secret is.  If he is, in fact, supposed to be presented as bisexual, I don’t understand what the huge secret is there either.  Still, for any fans of Sean Harris‘ Micheletto, his separate character arc is fairly exciting news.

I’ve read the promos for all ten episodes, and at the end of the list, I started to despair we would ever get a season 4.  First of all, the Ballet of Chestnuts was pushed to an early episode of this season.  For those who don’t know, the Ballet of Chestnuts was a party held in celebration of Lucrezia’s third marriage.  So, by advancing it historically, they’re pretty much admitting that they don’t believe they will get to Lucrezia’s third marriage.  Although, the description of the Ballet proves problematic.  Apparently, in The Borgias, it was an orgy designed to record the various sexual activities of the cardinals for blackmail purposes later.  Stop putting your twenty-first century morality into a historical time period.  The Ballet of Chestnuts was a celebration, not an attempt at blackmail.  What’s wrong with having an orgy just for the sake of having an orgy?  Besides that, there’s a good possibility that the real Ballet of Chestnuts was not an orgy at all, given the shoddy historical records of the time from Borgia enemies.  It is far more likely that it was simply a feast given in celebration of Lucrezia’s third marriage, and the prostitutes were probably there as an act of charity.  Because that was the type of generous spirit Pope Alexander really was.

The second reason why it seems unlikely that we will be getting a season 4 is because if Neil Jordan caved and included Borgiacest, how would he possibly be able to deal with the backlash of separating them in season 4 when he ships Lucrezia off to Ferrara?  Either that or TBTB did not think Holliday Grainger would be able to carry the season on her own, which is doing her a huge disservice.

Speculation of Season 4 aside, make sure you tune in on Sunday at 10/9c for The Borgias.


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