Review: Inked Magic

Inked Magic
Inked Magic by Jory Strong
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My friend let me borrow a copy of this book because she thought I would be interested in the threesome scene. Those were the expectations I had when I started reading this book.

Inked Magic made a decent attempt at a plot that didn’t revolve entirely around sex. However, the characters spent so much time thinking about sex, having sex, or wondering when they were going to have sex next, that there were times it was difficult to remember that Etain had growing magical powers or that there was a rapist on the loose. Unfortunately, the book was also highly repetitive at times. There are only so many ways an alpha male can express how much he has to have this character right now on his terms before you’re just hoping that she ultimately ends up leaving both of them.

Perhaps my biggest disappointment with this book revolves around the rapist subplot. Towards the end of the book, Etain is captured by the rapist, only to be rescued by her two lovers shortly after she is taken to his usual spot. You can’t even begin to understand how attempted rape as a plot device for the hero to save the heroine even begins to make me feel. And then when she gets home she decides she wants to have sex with both of them right now. On the other hand, you would think with Cathal’s cousin having been raped that the book would be a little more self-aware about rape issues. Yet, Cathal tells Etain that if she shows up at his club in a mini-skirt, he won’t be able to control himself. I don’t care if she acts like she wants you now, I don’t care what she’s wearing, if she tells you no later you better damn well keep it in your pants. Obviously because of the nature of the book, she was still going to want him later, but that doesn’t give him the right to say something like that to her.

The book does gain a star for amusement factor alone. Like, everyone in this town is massively endowed. Now, I can understand having the heroes well-endowed, even if I don’t necessarily agree with it. But commenting on the size of the gay guy who’s never going to show up again? Our sex-crazed heroine doesn’t even have a chance with this guy, and she still has to mention the size of the bulge in his pants. What happened to all the guys with average sized dicks? Did they take one look at the man standing next to them and just decided to go jump off a bridge?

As for the promised sex scene, well, I was disappointed. Since they’re all having sex from the beginning of the book, the “payoff” scene in this novel was the threesome scene, and it ended up falling flat. Seriously, it was like two one-on-one sex scenes fused together with the other alpha male hovering in the background and tagged a threesome. I was expecting something a little more, I don’t know, daring? It was pretty much the idle of what a man thinks a m/f/m sex scene should be like, and I was rather disappointed. They just, took turns. It was boring. And since the book had already been inundated with other one-on-one sex scenes, it didn’t feel like much of a payoff either.

Inked Magic is entertaining enough for a summer read, but ultimately I was left wanting something more from this book. Maybe the sequel will give it to me.

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