Resident Evil Revelations Demo Now Live

revelationscroppedThe Resident Evil Revelations demo was released on May 14th for the XBox and PS3.  Even though the game is a port from the original 3DS game, there are several fans, such as myself, who never actually got to play the game because we don’t have enough money or simply care enough to drop money into every system they decide to release a franchise game on.  In fact, this game was one of the only reasons why I was thinking of buying a 3DS, so I’m glad Capcom made the decision to port it.  Yes, it was solely a marketing decision because Resident Evil 6 did not meet their expectations, but I’m not complaining.  Of course, you would have heard much complaining if I had sacrificed my hard-earned money on a new system for them to turn around a year later and release it on a system I already own.  For those of you this happened to, I’m sorry.  I’ve been there.

Enough about game economics!  Let’s talk about the demo.  You get to play a portion of Jill’s campaign, and the biggest downside to this is that the demo itself is very short.  I finished it in about seven minutes.  You don’t really get much of a sense of the story in that short time period, but you do get to experience the atmosphere and gameplay mechanics.  You even get treated to two cutscenes!  Here’s the thing with the graphics: you can tell they were ported from a system that had a lower resolution.  Especially when they start talking.  The rest of the time, however, the game is beautiful.  I would say graphics equality is around the level of Resident Evil 0 or 4.

The gameplay is everything I wanted and yet didn’t get from Resident Evil 6.  It’s a lot like the older games in terms of style, and actually feels like a horror game.  That might change the further you get into the game, but from the demo, I’m ready to tell Capcom to take all my hard-earned overtime money this week and give me the game.  If you haven’t played the game on the 3Ds, I recommend trying out the demo.  It won’t even take that long.


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