Resident Evil Revelations: We’re On A Boat

revelationscroppedUnable to afford Resident Evil: Revelations, I made the prudent decision to rent it from the RedBox to at least get the chance to play the game.  My goal was to pick it up from work one night, play through the entire game, and get it back to the RedBox before being charged for a second day.   I came home from worked, checked the nearest location for the PS3 version, popped it in and started playing.

As I mentioned in my review of the demo, this game was everything I wanted from Resident Evil 6 but didn’t get.  It still keeps the horror feel of the original games while adjusting the action level in certain chapters.  The final result is a much better blend than the mishmash that was Resident Evil 6.    The game has a total of 12 chapters, most of which are divided into smaller episodes.  You start as Jill with Parker as your partner, landing on the mysterious Queen Zenobia.  After your first fight with the new mutations, you get a flashback, first to the incident at Terragrigia that revealed B.O.Ws to the general public, then Jill and Parker on the beach where you’re told that Chris and Jessica have gone missing.  Of course, the whole thing is just a giant set-up, hence the title, but it’s still fun playing through and watching how the different storylines interact.

During the course of the game, you assume control over several different characters.  Long time series veterans Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield return, and you’ll be spending most of the time on the initial campaign as Jill.  There are also times that you’ll play as Parker (Awesome!) and another side segment that reveals key information to the player as two BSAA agents codenamed Grinder and Jackass.  I actually grew rather fond of the little guys.  Eventually, after numerous mishaps and mistaken identities, Chris and Jill are reunited.  And when the STARS dream team is reunited, you know things are about to get serious.  In all honesty, save your ammo, even on casual, because the final boss is a nightmare.

The plot is what you would expect from a Resident Evil game, although it runs more along the lines of the original or zero than any of the others.  It made me nostalgic, and I almost brought out the Gamecube when I was finished.  Still, there’s nothing wrong with the cheesy dialogue or the mystery outbreak plot.  Let’s be honest: that’s what drew in the oldschool fans to begin with.  Chronologically, it takes place right before the “Lost in Nightmares” segment of Resident Evil 5.

genesisGameplay is decent, and if I actually owned a  copy of this game, I would probably pull this out for casual play before Resident Evil 6.   If you use the action settings on the controls, the game feels like the perfect blend of classic horror and action rather than this new tendency of horror games to rely heavily on the gunfire part of things.  The game relies on a new tool called Genesis, that allows you to scan the surrounding area.  You can collect info on mutations, which when you reach 100% will give you a health herb, you can find handprints on the wall from the victims that gets you trophies, and, most importantly, you can find hidden objects in various locations, such as ammo or herbs.

A few new characters are introduced this time around.  We have Grinder and Jackass, who I mentioned earlier, who actually started to grow on me after a while.  We have Conan O’Brian, I mean, Raymond, who is central to most of the secrets abroad the Queen Zenobia.  Then there’s Parker, who might actually be my favorite new character in the series.  I would absolutely play a game that was just Parker running around killing zombies and yelling “shit” at everything.

vlcsnap-2012-01-21-10h37m50s6And then there’s this asshole.  I spent the entire game when she was with me trying to see if it would actually let me stab her, or shoot her, or something.  It wouldn’t.  Could have saved my characters a lot of trouble in the long run, but the game decided to conspire against me.  Seriously, who decided to let her be a special agent?  She spends most of her time whining and being inappropriately dressed for the mission.  Did you see her wetsuit?  The missing leg practically screams “Mutated creature bite me here!”  I wish it would have.

Of course, the main draw of the game is the return of fan favorites, Chris and Jill.  Basically the entire game is a giant ship tease for them.  And they’re on a ship!  Bam!  Except nothing actually happens because Resident Evil games aren’t allowed to have romance subplots, unless you’re name is Leon, at which point a romance subplot is practically mandatory.

If you’re looking for a Resident Evil game to add to your collection, and you had to choose between this, 6 or Operation Raccoon City, this is the one to buy.



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