The Borgias Future Was Abruptly Cancelled

Borgias_Wallpaper_1280x1024Most of you know by now that Showtime and Neil Jordan have made the decision to cancel The Borgias, making the season 3 finale also the series finale.  There will be no season 4, although Tom Fontana has promised to finish the story in his own story of Borgia.  Of course I’m going to be upset about this, much like other fans, but I don’t think I’m upset for the same reasons they are.  See, for me, I’m more outraged by the fact that I have now been screwed out of any visual representation of Ferrante d’Este.  From The Borgias because they’re not going to be covering Lucrezia’s third marriage, and from Borgia because they decided they were just going to make the two Alfonso’s the same person.  This has been widely regarded as a bad decision.

No, what disappoints me more than the lack of Ferrante is Neil Jordan’s reasoning behind the cancellation.  Or, at least, his official statement on the matter.  You see, he claimed that the reason why he decided not to make a fourth season was because there was simply not enough material for him to make another ten episodes out of.  Mr. Jordan, you do realize that there is a reason why so many books are written about Lucrezia’s third marriage, correct?  There’s a plethora of sex, scandal and backstabbing, and I thought that was what this show was all about.  And it’s not like Cesare spent the rest of his life sitting on his ass after Lucrezia moved to Ferrara.  Granted, he did, actually do a lot of that after nearly dying and then later being imprisoned, but there’s still a lot of material from his military career to work around those issues.  No, the plan and simple fact is that Neil Jordan did not think people would appreciate the show as much if it shifted focus away from the men folk to center around Lucrezia for the final season.   Either because she was boring, or he doesn’t trust Holliday Grainger‘s acting abilities, but either way, it’s a poor assessment to be made.

Now, if I was running the show, here’s what I might possibly do with a Season 4.  We could focus on Ferrante and Lucrezia’s BFFness, and parallel the increasing toxicity in their relationship as we plow forward to the plot to kill Alfonso with the decline of Cesare’s military career.  Okay, so my Ferrante bias is showing on that one, but it would make for some interesting television.  Or we could possibly deal with Lucrezia just trying to settle into court life at Ferrara while simultaneously trying to move on from Cesare.  Watching Angela find happiness and just as abruptly have it taken away from her.  Dang, I’m still focusing the final season on Lucrezia.  So instead, we could always focus on the fall of Cesare’s military career.  The capture of Urbino.  The death  of his father and the fall of his power.  Negotiating with della Rovere, that long-term enemy, until they agree to work together.  Finally being imprisoned in Spain, and perhaps, flickering over to Lucrezia who has found peace in her new life.

But you know what, it’s cool.  There’s simply just not enough historical information to make another ten episodes.  Because this show never embellishes anything.  Why would we embellish history with a little bit of fiction to make a television show?  That’s just ridiculous.  Of course, that requires the writer having the skills to make the embellishments believable, and the imagination to conjure them.



10 thoughts on “The Borgias Future Was Abruptly Cancelled

  1. Is the real reason Jordan cancelled the series being the fact he felt it was cutting into his movie directing career or the fact he just lost interest ,or maybe Showtime decided modern dramas are easier and cheaper to make .
    It is ridiculous to say there is not enough history left to finish it

  2. I agree, I was really looking forward to seeing Lucrezia’s next marriage and how Cesare would react to it. I was also looking forward to seeing HOW the pope would die because there’s always been speculation about whether or not Cesare kills his father.

    • There were so many awesome things they could have done, I just don’t understand how they thought there wasn’t enough material. I can understand not having enough money, but enough material is weird. Also, completely forgot about the rumors of Cesare killing his father. (Silly me, since I’ve played AC: Brotherhood, which is just all the rumors rolled into one.) Oddly enough, that detail was not mentioned when Jordan had been talking about his plans for the two hour movie he had envisioned.

  3. Oh dear…where can I even begin with this Borgia’s mess?? well being Italian I’m 2 times sad about how it all went down to this abrut finale, & I would like to include the Fontana’s version. Lucky us we had had in Europe at least a Spanish film not bad at all some time ago…I’ll comment more later on when we’ll know how this truly ends.
    PS_so you’re a Ferrante’s chick?! LOL ^_^

    PPS_speaking of incredible fictions: how about the new Starz-Da Vinci’s Demons?? Poor Leonardo rolling in his grave, hahaaaa….ciao baci xo

    • You guys get all the good stuff in this regard. I’ve heard about the Spanish film, but I haven’t been able to see it. There’s also a book I’d like to get my hands on, but am finding it impossible.

      PS_ Am I that obvious? ^_^

      PPS_ Before the show even aired, I was predicting that it would make The Borgias look like a documentary. Since then, I’ve only seen one episode. I might watch the rest at a later point. In case I want something to laugh at.

  4. I have a Cesare bias, I’ll say that out of the gate.
    Jordan did not continue, partly I feel, because the silly child became bored with his toy. And there are no Oscars to be gathered from television.
    They could have built the show around Cesare and Lucrezia after the Pope’s death.
    What of Cesare’s new wife, their marriage, how Lucrezia reacted to that, how Charlotte reacted to her husband’s closer-than relationship with his sister, the new King of Naples (an un-explored treasure there!),etc!
    The truth is there is enough Borgia material to go on for years.
    Showtime followed Jordan’s wish and cancelled the show.
    I hope the future is nothing but bright and shining for the excellent Francois Arnaud and Holliday Grainger and nothing but lemons for Jordan!

    • Never fear, there will be no judging on any bias here.

      He probably did not feel they could carry the show, but let’s face it, most of the internet fans were watching for Holliday and Francois. As to that, they’re both incredible and I hope to see more of them in the future.

    • On what? The reason behind the show’s cancellation. I linked my source above in response to another comment.

      Or perhaps you don’t think I know the history of the Borgias? I know the facts and the stories. Most of the speculation above for a possible season 4 is a blending of the two.

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