Review: Italian Step by Step

Italian Step by Step
Italian Step by Step by Charles Berlitz

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is older than most of the other Italian books I’ve been using, but still incredibly useful. I worked with it for a little over a few weeks in a cramming session on Italian before my book on Interlibrary Loan that was written in Italian arrives. (Wish me luck.) This book seems to have covered most of the grammar topics in a manner that teaches it to you through practice, although each section is also explained in side notes. Unfortunately, for me, most of the grammar sections did not sink in as to when I should be using them because when I took my placement test for an online course, I tanked on the grammar portion. However, I did incredibly well on the vocabulary and comprehension part of the test, and I would like to believe that this book had something to do with it.

What this book really excels at is Italian pronunciation. Each practice sentence, truthfully the entire book, is written first in Italian, then the phonetic spelling, and then the English translation. The goal is to be able to read only the first sentence and to be able to pronounce it and understand it without looking at the other two lines. There are no guarantees that this will happen, but it is still a worthy goal. If you’re attempting to teach yourself Italian (congratulations) this book is a worthy addition to your collection of teaching tools.

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