Review: Pacific Rim: The Official Movie Novelization

Pacific Rim: The Official Movie Novelization
Pacific Rim: The Official Movie Novelization by Alex Irvine
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The only thing that prevents me from giving this less than three stars is love and loyalty to the source material. Also, I begged my mom to get this book for me. Pacific Rim fanfic writers were using information from this book as canon material, and I wanted to read it myself. I don’t understand how a work of fiction could fall so far from it’s source to be non-enjoyable, but somehow this book pulled it off. Unless you are already a Pacific Rim fan and want a little more than what the movie provided, don’t read this book.

The plot is great, which is one of the few things this book had going for it. Then again, the book took the plot straight from the movie which is infinitely better and takes less time to get through. If given the choice, this is the one time I recommend watching the movie instead of reading the book. One of the few good things the book did on its own was the inclusion of supplemental documents. Between most chapters were “scanned” files, such as dossiers and newspaper clippings, that gave the reader insight into the universe. Much like the documents you can find in Resident Evil games. This was a great innovation, and I hope to see it again sometime, preferably in a better book.

I don’t know if it was because the publishers rushed to get the book out before the movie released or if they just assumed their audience was going to be dumb and wouldn’t notice, but this book is poorly edited. This might be one of the worst editing jobs I have ever seen. I’m not talking about simple grammar or wrong word choices either, although there are plenty enough of those as well. No, there are glaring continuity errors in this book, and not just from the beginning of the book to the end, but from literally one paragraph to the next.

At the mention of the pilots, service portraits of the Hansens flashed across the screen, quickly replaced by a ground-level view of Striker Eureka and Mutavore going at it. Raleigh had never been inside a Mark V. None had existed when he was a ranger….

He’d fought with Striker Eureka once, in Manila.

No, no you didn’t fight with Striker Eureka once Raleigh, because by your own admission two thought processes ago, Mark V’s did not exist when you were a Ranger. In fact, earlier in the novel you find out Striker Eureka was still being built at the time Raleigh retired. It looks like no one even thought about editing the book which is an insult to the people who are reading these books. Like we aren’t going to notice an error that glaring. You would have to be engrossed in the book to miss that one, and unless you think Raleigh is made of gold, that chapter is one of the least entertaining to begin with.

Again, unless you are desperate for Pacific Rim expanded universe, as I sadly was, give this book a pass.

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