Review: Blood of Dragons

Blood of Dragons
Blood of Dragons by Robin Hobb
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s time for complete honesty. If given the chance, I would have read a single book about Sedric and Carson instead of the four books with all the other characters. It’s not that I don’t like the other characters. I do. I just would not have enjoyed the series as much if Sedric and Carson were not involved or if Sedric’s story had gone in a different direction. I have headcanons to fill in the gaps in their story. Headcanons that I give far too much time to when there are other things I could be doing. I guess what I’m saying is, Robin Hobb, I want more Sedric and Carson. Unless “more” entails the two of them breaking up, at which point you can keep it to yourself.

Now that everyone knows where my priorities lie, I can review the rest of the book. Blood of Dragons was a fantastic conclusion to a series that renewed my faith in the fantasy genre. I was starting to worry that I had read all the good fantasy books and nothing else good will come around. Then I discovered this series at the library. Since I had enjoyed Hobb’s Liveship Traders, I decided to give this one a chance. This is one book decision I have never regretted.

Though we still have an overabundance of character pov that carries over from City of Dragons, this book does not suffer from the same pacing problems. The only issue I had with the pov in this book was we switch over to Carson exactly once. I know, I said Sedric and Carson were the best bits, so you think that would make me happy. Except it added nothing to the book that we didn’t know. The scene would have worked the same from Sedric’s pov, and we would have lost nothing. The reason why it was so disappointing is because Carson is so inscrutable some times to readers, I was looking forward to getting inside his head to see what makes him tick. But we didn’t learn anything knew about him that we couldn’t already infer from Sedric, so all it did was add an extra pov character.

For the conclusion to a series, it wrapped everything up in a nice package, if not always in the manner I would have preferred. One character’s end disappointed me, but it was still well written. Blood of Dragons is the best conclusion possible to a worthwhile series. Definitely check this one out if you get the chance.

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