Review: Ghosts Don’t Die

Ghosts Don't Die
Ghosts Don’t Die by W.B. Alexander
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I read this book for a friend who also happens to be a friend of the author’s. She also was acquainted with some of the true events that inspired the story. To a certain extent, that means I know the story behind the story. I also promised that I would focus solely on the positive things when I wrote this review, and focus on the positive I shall.

To be fair, most of the detractors from the book are things that a good editor could take care of. They are also things I have witnessed in other authors with a much broader reach. I see a lot of potential in W.B. Alexander’s work. He creates a fascinating cast of characters that come alive on the page. He also did a good job of creating the mystery around who killed this woman.

The biggest problem I had was by the time the major plot event, aka her death, actually happened, I didn’t really care much anymore about why she was killed. However, the characters were diversified enough to keep my interest and make me want to keep reading. This book is also a great read if you want to know the true story behind what Gettysburg is like, from the ghost tours, to the tourism, to barely being able to stay afloat the rest of the year. Don’t let a few editorial errors make you miss out on a great insight into Gettysburg ghost hunts.

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