Review: Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland

Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland
Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland by CLAMP
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love manga and I love CLAMP, but I believe this is the first time I have reviewed either. Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland is a reread for me. I have fallen behind on my reading challenge for the year, and quite frankly, this manga is short, cute, and fun.

There are eight stories in all in this volume, and each of them involves heroine Miyuki falling into a different world. All she wants to do is be a normal high school student, but weird things keep happening to her. Each world involves a series of scantily clad women whose sole purpose is to attempt to rip Miyuki’s school uniform off of her. At the end, she always finds herself back where she started, only to get sucked into the alternate dimension all over again. Presumably because she didn’t learn the lesson she was supposed to. The art is beautiful, as is expected from CLAMP, and the final story involves Miyuki being sucked into the world of X, another CLAMP series. The fanservice is great as Miyuki gets thrown in the world of the women of one of her favorite manga.

Admittedly, the manga does present itself in a problematic fashion. In the interview with the authors in the end, they admit that Miyuki’s school uniform is supposed to represent the sexual oppression of women. Hence why the other women are constantly trying to take it off of her. The problem is, it presents itself in a very fanservicey manner, which they also admit, and comes off more like older lesbians picking on the innocent young girl. It might not be the message they were trying to convey, but it’s easy to see how people would get that interpretation.

Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland is a great addition to any CLAMP fan’s library.

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