Review: don’t let me go

Don't Let Me Go
Don’t Let Me Go by J.H. Trumble
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I first became aware of J.H. Trumble when Kensington Books provided me with a copy of Where You Are. When I was unable to find Just Between Us after the release date, I ordered all three of Trumble’s books from my local Barnes and Noble to add to my collection. I never buy new books. I make a point of visiting Half Price Books at least once or twice a month so I can get more books for my piddly change. I spent 45$ to get all of Trumble’s books new. To put it another way, at a minimum wage job, I would have worked for six hours in order to get these books. That should speak volumes about my faith in Trumble’s writing ability. Still, I’ll make a proper review for those of you who remain skeptical.

I don’t read much young adult fiction. However, these books are so skillfully crafted, they transcend age limitations. Don’t Let Me Go is at times charming and uplifting and at others heart-wrenching. This book pulls no punches when it comes to the trials and tribulations of teenage love, and there were times when I was genuinely wondering how it was all going to have a happy end. (I was assured of a happy ending in the acknowledgements. I just occasionally lost faith in how we were going to get there.) I compared Where You Are to the best bubble bath in the world. This book also qualifies as a bubble bath, only one that got slightly cold towards the end until you remembered to add the hot water and make it pleasant again.

Because it was a debut novel, there were a few kinks that needed worked out. Most which seemed to have been resolved by the second novel. For instance, Juliet who whiplashes between being Nate and Adam’s staunchest supporter to wanting to get in Nate’s pants so fast it will make your head spin. The other downfall is that some of the plot twists seem unrealistic to me, despite Kensington trying to sell the book as “unflinchingly real.” Still, there rarely exists a flawless debut, and having had experience with Trumble’s other work, it can only continue to soar.

Finally, to all the people who disliked the book because they wanted to punch Nate in the face: Just remember, Nate did get punched in the face. By the person who most deserved to do it. That should be adequate compensation.

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