Detoxify My Life: Day 5/30

freedomThis is terrible.  This was two days ago, and I can’t remember what I did on Day 5.  By my calculations, that should have been Wednesday.  I’m twenty-eight, I should be able to remember what happened two days ago.  The tragic part is, I can still remember day 4.  Isn’t it amazing how we can remember the negative times better than the positive ones?   Like, I remember almost every painful detail of Day 4.   But the largely uneventful Day 5 has been swept away already.   I shouldn’t let myself get bent out of shape about it.  The whole point of the exercise was to make my life simpler and to stop stressing so much about the little things.  After all, the only person I’m accountable to is myself.  Sure, someone might read these posts for inspiration in their own life, but I can’t worry about that or making these posts on a daily basis will just become another source of stress for me.

Day 5 was Wednesday, so it’s safe to assume I did my usual routine of going to kickboxing shortly after work.  When I work til 3, I feel like I don’t have much time to get things accomplished on Wednesday.  I come home, eat dinner, give myself just enough time to start digesting before I head out to the gym.  However, the payoff is that I get to punch and kick things, so it’s a fair deal.   This Wednesday we all got a reminder of how small the universe is.  We had two new girls this evening who were trying out the gym.   As it turns out, one of them lives directly behind me.  She moved there after college, so I didn’t go to school with her even though she’s only three years younger than me.   To make things even smaller, she also knew the instructor’s son in both high school and college.   It was a strange moment for all of us.

Another important thing I learned over the past two days, made painfully obvious by my lack of frequent posting, is just how easily I can distract myself without Tumblr and Facebook.   My mother always tells me that I would have so much more time to get stuff done if I would just stay off Tumblr and Facebook for a few hours.  It turns out, she might have been wrong about that.  I am the queen of finding time wasters.  In all fairness, most of my time wasting in the past few days has either come in the form of exercise or reading, both of which are good for me.  Yet I still manage to be five books behind schedule on my reading challenge.  Once this Dangerous Women anthology is finished, my reading time is going to open wide up.


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