Detoxify My Life: Day 7/30

freedomIt’s Friday!  It’s the end of the first week of the detoxify my life challenge.  It was also my only day off this week.   I started the morning by picking up my trial contacts from the eye doctor.  If I’m going to be running, I can’t have mud getting on my glasses and making it difficult to see the obstacles.  After that, I spent some time at the casino since it was there.  Bad idea.  I like to say my mom is bad luck, but the truth is, I probably shouldn’t be down there anyway.  Not until I get my life in better order.

I attempted to go for a run yesterday.  It was too hot to run for the full 28 minutes, so on the second half of my run I did sprint intervals on the way back to the car.  It should help my overall speed, even if speed is not a factor in my first mud run.

For dinner, Spartan Sweet Potato Pie and Spartan Broccoli Goat Cheese Soup.  It was fun making things from scratch for a chance instead of ordering out or picking something up from work.  I took the chili flakes out of the soup because my mom doesn’t like spicy things.  Considering she gave me life, I figure I can take some spice out of recipes for her every once in a while.

The real question remains: Will my bedroom ever be fully clean?


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