Detoxify My Life: Day 8/30

freedomA half day of work today, even though my schedule originally said I was supposed to be off.  A half day of work is still a half day of work.  It doesn’t get any better just because it’s shorter.  Sure, you might think you’re getting more hours out of the day, but you’re really not.   You still have to adjust from working life to the rest of your life, and sometimes it takes a little longer than others.

I spent some time at the gym getting ready for the Dirty Girl.  Two weeks to go as of Day 8, and I’m not feeling very confident about it yet.  While I was at the gym, I noticed a hole in the top of my right sneaker.  The only time I wear those shoes is when I take my kickboxing class, so I can only assume that was where the crack came from.  This is the second pair of shoes I’ve busted during kickboxing.  I’m running out of sneakers to destroy, and I’m not going to buy new ones and turn around and wear them to the class.  On top of lifting weights today, I also spent time doing a zombie run.  My mom did the zombie run with me, since the intervals were only 30 second sprints.   I’m so proud of her.

I’ve still managed to waste a good deal of time, despite not spending a ton of time on the internet.  It’s amazing how good I am at procrastinating.  However, procrastination does nothing to help get me towards my life goals.  Like selling a book.  Or surviving the Dirty Girl.


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