Detoxify My Life – Days 10 – 15

freedomWhen I started this experiment, I had every intention  of granting people daily updates as to how this life altering event was going.  As you can see, it’s been an entire week with nada an update.  Part of the problem has been I’ve been at work.   I work in a deli.  My job is very boring.  If I didn’t feel like writing about it on a daily basis, nobody is going to enjoy reading about it.  I need passion in order to make things enjoyable for other people, and lately, I just haven’t had that in regards to work.   And I work so much that I don’t get much else accomplished the rest of the day.  Although that might change.   There are rumors that, through circumstances beyond my control, I may not have my current job for much longer.  Or it could turn out to be nothing.  However, my horoscope said that a career change was imminent, so that made me stop and think for a moment.  Either way, I’m trying not to let myself get stressed out about it.  The changes at work might not affect me at all.  Or it could be an opportunity for me to spread my wings and jump.  I can’t change what’s going to happen, so there’s no point in stressing myself out about it.

The Facebook ban is going well.   My life has been going on as normal, and I’m assuming my friends’ lives have been going on as normal as well.  Even without the constant updates, the world didn’t stop.   It’s actually quite liberating, not being tied down to the computer.  I did, however, have to update my e-mail checking to 3 or 4 times a day, merely because I get so much junk.  The obvious solution is to unsubscribe from all the junk, but I haven’t quite found the time to do it yet.

I have no idea how much I weigh, and I have no idea where the scale went.  Also, I don’t know how to use the one at the gym.  But, I ran 2.6 miles yesterday in 35 minutes.  That’s how I’m going to start measuring my progress from now on.  Not by some arbitrary number on a scale, but by how much I can do.  And how well my clothes fit.  To put this in perspective, when I first started running, I could barely make it the thirty second intervals that the program started me with.  Now I’m up to 35 straight minutes.  I also have killer calves now.  Whoo, progress!  My Dirty Girl run is next week.  There will be pictures and a full write-up of my experience.

I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful weekend.


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