Review: Dangerous Women – ‘My Heart is Either Broken’

dangerous womenSo far, this anthology is off to a bad start. Two stories in, and neither one has impressed.  I mistakenly believed that the women would be at the heart of these stories. While Lorie is a main character, the story is all about her husband and his manpain.  Manpain that may or may not have been caused by Lorie.

“My Heart is Either Broken” is about a married couple whose child is missing. The police seem to think Lorie is the main suspect since she was the last person seen with her daughter and the woman she claimed took her daughter was not at the coffee shop that day.  Manpain refuses to believe that Lorie had anything to do with the disappearance of their daughter.  She was a remarkable mother and loved their daughter very much.  Except as the story progresses, he starts to doubt his wife’s innocence, adding to his already palpable manpain.

Shelby turns out to be alive and well, to the enjoyment of both parents. The story ends with Lorie standing menacingly over Shelby’s crib and manpain’s fervent belief that he can never leave the room again.  Supposedly, this is to give us the feeling that we will never know if Lorie had anything to do with Shelby’s disappearance.  The anguish is going to keep me up at night, only not.  This is not one of the stronger additions to the anthology.  In fact, it might have been better if this story had been left out.  Never fear, however, as there are many stories that gave me that impression.


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