Review: Dangerous Women – “Nora’s Song”

dangerous womenI believe this is this only historical story in the collection, even though it is supposed to cover a wide range of genres.  Most of then seem to fall either under the contemporary genre or science fiction and fantasy.  I’m not sure what the point of this story was. I assume the dangerous woman in question is Nora’s mother,  the Queen.  She idolizes her, but we never get to see her in any action.  This story is so unremarkable, I can’t even remember what the core conflict was supposed to be. Granted,  it has been a few weeks since I read it, but nothing is sticking out in my memory.  All I remember is a young girl in a historical setting that gets shuffled around for 23 pages. If you are not like me and don’t feel compelled to read the entire anthology,  I would recommend giving this one a pass.


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