Review : Dangerous Women – ” Bombshells”

dangerous women“Bombshells” was my first introduction to Jim Butcher and the first story in the anthology I actually enjoyed.  At first I thought this was going to be another fail as a result of the main character thinking places on her body needed to be reacquainted with a razor. After that, it quickly improved and ended up ranking as one of the top stories in the anthology.

The characters were entertaining.  The women were all dangerous in their own ways.  A number of the other woman in the anthology seem to only be considered dangerous because they refuse to listen to the male counterparts. Not so with Butcher girls. While some of them are involved in relationships with men, that relationship has no bearing on the current storyline.  The plot was engaging, even though I was unfamiliar with the world and characters.
There were vampires and werewolves and some other creatures whose society proved to be the backdrop to the story.  I’m sure for people who are familiar with Jim Butcher, the story will be even more enjoyable.


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