Review : Dangerous Women – “Shadows For Silence In The Forests Of Hell”

dangerous womenMy apologizes to Ms. Lindholm, but I think the Brandon Sanderson one is my favorite in the collection. I have a troubled relationship with Mr. Sanderson.  I loved his debut novel Elantris and would have loved for a sequel to emerge.   It never did, but I decided to take a chance on his second novel.  I think I only got 5 pages into it before deciding the was no way it was ever thing to be as good as Elantris. This is the first thing I’ve read of his since.

Silence owns a waystop in a dangerous,  paranormal forest.  You have to follow the rules, or the Shades will turn you into one of them. Silence is also a rather accomplished bounty hunter who anonymously turns in some of the realm’s most dangerous criminals. Which isn’t that easy when one of the rules is to not shed blood. The story follows Silence on one of her hunts.  She outfights, out smarts, and outlives the men who would tear her family apart.  This is the type of story I was expecting when I picked up an anthology about dangerous women.


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