Detoxify My Life: Aborted


Technically, this challenge was supposed to be over a few days ago, but I checked out long before that.  I tried to change too many things about myself at once, and I burned out.  I still think I need to change aspects about myself, but I want to break it down into smaller pieces this time.  Once I implement one change, move onto the next instead of trying to change everything at once.  This experiment was not a complete waste.  While I did not complete my journey by blogging about it every day like I wanted to, I still managed to change some things that will hopefully have long lasting improvements on my life.

Rearranging and cleaning my room was one of the bigger aspects I wanted to tackle.    All the furniture is in a new place, the walls have been covered with the appropriate number of posters, and my room is cleaner than it has been in six years.  I vacuumed the floor.  I even made my bed this morning.   There are still a few things that need to be taken care of.  Little projects that need to be split up, going through storage areas and organizing them and cleaning them out.  I am satisfied with the results I achieved.  My bedroom looks like a liveable area for the first time since I can remember.  I think the next room I’m going to tackle is going to be my office.  I write better in isolation, and, quite frankly, I need to get some writing work done.  It’s been quite some time since I’ve actually sat down and gotten work done.  The problem with that, however, is that the main program I’ve been using is on the computer in the living room, and I don’t know if the purchase price included a download for multiple computers.  Oh well, I can still do the bulk of the work in the office and then use the living room computer for editing.

bathroom scaleI did have one other accomplishment during this experiment that I am proud of.  I have no idea how much I weigh.  None whatsoever, although I’m assuming it’s probably something similar to what I started out with.  I suppose some day I’ll have to find out as doctors need to know this things to give you prescriptions, but for right now, I’m happy with not knowing.  Weight is such an arbitrary measure of health anyway.  Sure, I might not be as slim as I once was, but I’m in the best shape I have been in years.  I ran the Dirty Girl two weeks ago.  It might not be the most difficult mud run out there, but I still completed all the obstacles.  The only thing I did was I did not run the entire way.  On the other hand, almost no one was running after the second obstacle, so I didn’t feel bad about not running myself.    The important thing is, I broke my reliance on the scale.  I don’t need to weigh in every day to see how much I’m progressing.  I can feel it when I’m at work or when I’m working out at the gym.   I’m getting stronger and healthier and I don’t need an unwavering needle on a scale bringing me down.

While I did not accomplish everything I wanted to with the Detoxify My Life challenge, I’m still satisfied with the results I got.  Little changes can go a long way.  I think my next challenge is to cut back on my Tumblr time again.  The first few days of the challenge, I was getting so much more done because I managed to stay away from Tumblr.

Does anybody have any tips on how they have made their life more simple and natural?


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