Review : Dangerous Women – “The Princess And The Queen, Or, The Blacks And The Greens”

dangerous womenThis was the reason why I picked up this book. A new Song of Ice And Fire novella.  I have never been more disappointed by something in my life. If this is indicative of what the next three books are going to be like, you can count me out right now.
This “story” is a transcription of a historical record. Okay, he’s trying out a new style. We can give this a chance.  Oh, except it quickly becomes a list of names and how they died.  Which might be fine for about ten pages or so.  Except it’s 80 pages long, and it never gets any better.  What the hell? George R R Martin is supposed to be the master of showing versus telling, and this is 80 pages of telling. It was awful. This is the driest piece of crap you will ever read. I celebrated when it was finally over.


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