Mud Run Bucket List

4227279_race_0.9442314931736042.originalI love mud running.  I’m fairly new to the sport having only participated in my first run in June, but I knew when I crossed that finish line I was going to do it again.  I’m never going to be the fastest runner.  Actually, there’s a good chance that I’ll never even be a fast runner.   However, the mud and the obstacles really level out the playing field.  No one’s fast in mud.  Even the fastest runners take over an hour to complete a Spartan Sprint.  I could theoretically become good at mud running.  To that end, I’ve had for a while now a bucket list of mud runs I want to do before I no longer have the desire or the capability to run.

1. The Dirty Girl (Completed!  June 7th, 2014)

2. The Warrior Dash (This is the one that first caught my interest)

3. The Zombie Mud Run

4. The Zombie Run Extreme and Black Ops

5. Mud on the Mountain

6. Muderella

7. Tough Mudder (This one has been banished from the list ever since I found out there was live electricity on the course.  I do these things to push myself and have fun.  I draw the line at being electrocuted for their amusement.)

8. Spartan Race Sprint, Super, Beast

9. Ruckus

10. Superhero Run

This list will be updated as I find new runs or as I complete the ones already on the list.  Do you have a favorite mud run?


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