re0This week finally brings us to the Resident Evil series, fitting since The Evil Within just came out on the 14th.  While it is one of the least remembered games in the series (Code Veronica, Outbreak, and Dead Aim being the other three), Resident Evil 0 is my favorite.

Week 3 : Resident Evil 0

Originally released only for the Gamecube and recently rereleased for the Wii, Resident Evil 0 remains the only game in the series to be a Nintendo exclusive.  Following Rebecca Chambers of STARS, the game takes place in the hours preceding the mansion incident of the original Resident Evil.

resident evilThe game introduced a partner swap system, allowing a single player to take control of either Rebecca or Billy in real time depending on the situation.  Rebecca could make medical kits from green and red herbs while Billy was reserved for heavy lifting and taking heavier hits from the game’s various enemies.  While they were next to each other, the computer would take control of the other character.  The gameplay style in Resident Evil 0 was a precursor to the multiplayer partner system that would be featured prominently in Resident Evil 5 and 6.  However, unlike current gen games that lost a certain scare factor by having someone play with you, you were still on your own for the entire game.

If you are a fan of both the old school Resident Evil and the partner system of the newest games, check out Resident Evil 0.  You will not be disappointed.

Also, this week includes my favorite fan video from Resident Evil 0 by Yuffie255.  Enjoy!


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