Halloween Horror Game Countdown – Game 4


This week’s horror game countdown takes us back to the Playstation 2 in 2005, when Capcom came out with a Clock Tower spin-off called Haunting Ground.

Week 4: Haunting Ground

The game follows the terrorizing of Fiona, a young woman who loses both her parents in a car crash in the events preceding the game.   She wakes up in a large castle you, as the player, must try to escape.  Shortly after Fiona awakes, she finds a large white Shepard named Hewie trapped in the castle with her.  Hewie can help Fiona find objects and fend off her attackers for a short period of time.   Hewie’s relationship with Fiona develops on how you treat him, whether you praise or scold him for his behavior.  Scolding results in Hewie not aiding you in critical moments, and which ending you get depends on what type of relationship you had with Hewie.

Fiona_Hewie The game’s scare factor comes from the Fiona’s objectification.  One boss wants to use her as a doll, one wants to impregnate her, and one hates her simply for the fact that she is a fertile young woman.  To a certain extent, women will be able to identify with Fiona a lot more easily than male players.  As Fiona has no means of fighting back, most of the gameplay revolves around hiding in new locations to keep the game’s four major bosses from finding you.  However, even some of the hiding places can be used against you, and if you hide in the same place too many times, enemies will be able to find you.

Haunting Ground is a PS2 classic that belongs in any horror gamer’s collection and has the best and most realistic use of a canine companion in horror games.


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