Extra Life Dragon Age Inquistion


Today I am pleased to announce that I will be participating in Extra Life 2014 by playing 24 hours of Dragon Age Inquisition and streaming it via Twitch.

For those of you who don’t know, Extra-Life.org is a non-profit that allows gamers to raise money for a Children’s Hospital of their choice.  The idea is to play games for 24 hours, usually straight through, but in my case I’m breaking it up into three eight hour segments.  The first will by Wednesday November 19 from 8am-4pm.  The next two will be from 12pm-8pm on Thursday November 20 and Saturday November 22.

Since it is Dragon Age Inquisition, however, and I can’t wait that long, I will officially begin livestreaming around 1 pm on Tuesday November 18th.  If you like Dragon Age or livestreams, you’re more than welcome to try it out.

Even if you don’t particularly care for watching people play games, you can still donate.  In fact, all my donors so far likely have no intention of watching me play, they just wanted to help.

My twitch stream can be found here.

Donate here!


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