2014 Resolutions Failed and Accomplished


It’s that time of year again!  Time to look back at my resolutions of 2014 and figure out how much I accomplished and what I need to do differently in the upcoming year.  Expect to see a post with this year’s resolutions within the coming days

1. Deja vu! Remember these guys?  Kurogane and Fai from Tsubasa Reservoir chronicles?  If you read the update from 2013, you already know that Kurogane is still naked.   This will be year five that making his clothes has topped my resolutions.   Perhaps this will be the year that he will finally get the clothes he was always meant to have.

Kurogane has pants!  I consider this resolution 50% accomplished!  He has pants and they’re beautiful!  He almost had a shirt as well, but I accidentally made it too small.  So, perhaps this year we will finally be able to take this entirely off the list.  After 5 years, Kurogane finally has pants.

2.  Get even more fit.  I have a gym membership I’ve been using regularly for the past six months.   I’ve started kickboxing (brutal!) and have incorporated a running program into my routine.   I’ve also signed up for my first 5k, a zombie run in a neighboring city.  I’m also contemplating running the Dirty Girl the following week.

My zombie run was very sadly cancelled.  I did, however, complete the Dirty Girl.  My sister and I have signed up for the Dirty Girl in 2015 already and I’m contemplating a few other runs as well.  I somehow managed, however, to end the year not any more fit than I was at the beginning of the year despite a great effort during the summer.

3.  Write even more.  I have so many book ideas floating around in my brain, it might be beneficial to get some of them down on paper.  To that end, I’m going to further my Italian knowledge.   I have a Ferrante biography that took me forever to track down I need to read, and these masterpieces in my head aren’t going to write themselves.

Ha!  Hahaha!  I completely blame my job for this one.  Working six days a week was far too much of a soul suck and for a while there I gave up writing entirely.  Never fear, however, as I have decided to make myself a priority instead of my job and this year I hope to do even better.

4. Continue on my quest to be financially stable.  Less bills, more security, a job I enjoy, the whole nine yards. Maybe I can sell a book in the process.  That would be amazing.

I’m not even going to touch this one.


So, that’s it, the recap of 2014!  Happy New Year everyone!  The 2015 resolutions will be posted in a few days!


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