One Word: Spartan

Spartanone wordI’ve always been a fan of publicly sharing my resolutions.  I think it helps to keep me accountable for what I’m doing, even if the only person I’m checking in with at the end of the year is myself.  I was all set to do it again this year as well, until a commercial on K-Love changed my view on my 2015 resolutions.  I heard about a website called where people were encouraged to condense their New Year`s resolutions down into a single word.  One word that you could focus on over the year, a word that you could come back to in May, June or even November.  I decided this was the perfect route for me, as long as I could narrow it down to one word.

To pick my word, I had to think about what I wanted to accomplish over the course of the year.  Most of the resolutions I had started planning were similar to those I had picked in previous years.  I want to finally finish making Kurogane`s clothes since I came so close to finishing them at the end of last year.  I want this to be the year where I finally know Italian well enough to survive in the country long enough without forcing everyone around me to speak English. (Rude!)  2015 will be the year I finally sell a book.  I have several that I`m working on, and Ive been on fire recently with my editing.  Finally, I want 2015 to be my fittest year yet.  I’ve restarted my running program four to five times a week.  I scheduled a session with a personal trainer.  I signed up for the Dirty Girl in June with my sister.  Thanks to the Spartan race coming to Pittsburgh, I`ll finally be able to cross that one off my mud run bucket list.

I chose Spartan as my focus word.  Being a Spartan is not just about being physically fit, it’s a mentality.  It’s about not listening to the demons between your ears that tell you you can’t accomplish something.   It’s about looking at the obstacles life throws your way and saying “I can handle this.”  It’s about letting go of self-doubt and fear.  It’s taking life by the horns and riding that bull.  It’s about giving everything your one hundred percent, because if you try, there is no failure.

Here’s the obligatory link to the Spartan Race, so you can sign up for one nearest you!  Make this the year, that you too, become a Spartan.

I also encourage you to check out the oneword website.  Perhaps you might be inspired to take the oneword challenge, or maybe somebody else’s word will help you to make this year you finally stick to those good resolutions.


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