January 2015 Wrap-Up

Spartanone word

Here we are, February 1st, 2015. The first month of the year is behind us, and for some people, so are their resolutions. The gym I attend has already started to thin out after seeing a huge upsurge at the beginning of the year. On the one hand, it’s nice to have some room to breath again while I’m there. On the other, I wonder what happened to all those people. Did they set their resolutions too high that they felt defeated after only a month? Were they expecting things to change too fast? Did they realize that they were already in the shape that they wanted to be? Are they ever going to use that expensive gym membership again? Are they going to pay the even more expensive early termination fee? I just hope they’re happy with whatever prompted this decision.

As for me, you may recall that this year I decided to go with the one word challenge, where I picked a single word to represent my goals for the year. I choose Spartan, which is fitting for many reasons, not the least of which is my running of the Spartan Sprint in September. I can’t give up on my resolutions now, or else I would would fail before I even started running in September. As for fitness, I’m still going strong with my goals. I hit the gym several times a week. I have sessions scheduled with a personal trainer. This upcoming month, I’m participating in a push-up challenge and a burpee challenge. I refuse to slack off when it comes to my physical fitness.

However, the physical fitness was only part of the reason why I chose Spartan. I also chose Spartan for the mentality. I may not have posted as much as I would have liked in January, but I don’t need to see that as a failure. I just need to realize that if I want to post on a regular basis, I’m going to have to learn to budget my time better. Tumblr in particular is the bane of my existence. “I’m just looking for the fitness inspiration,” I say. How much fitness inspiration do I need that I end up scrolling through Tumblr for forty minutes at a time several times a day?

In contrast, I am on a six day streak and going strong with my Italian lessons. It’s a language I’ve wanted to learn for a long time, and I have several books on the subject. I always got so far and would give up. The program I’m using now has been helpful in keeping me on top of my lessons and forcing me to review trouble words. I’m also making an effort to listen less to doubt, which will do me worlds of wonder in the future, I’m sure. If I could give up on doubt entirely, I might be able to find another job, or finally publish a book. It’s the fear of failure and feeling like I will look like an idiot that stops me from putting myself out there and attempting to make the sale. Even when I do make the effort, I think my doubt is perhaps seeping through into my efforts, self-sabotaging my work as if to say “Look, you were right, you’re never going to be successful.” I have issues with putting too much of my heart into the sale. I think the fear is if I put too much into something, if I fail, it’s going to hurt a lot more than if I let it go.

How’s everyone else doing on their resolutions? Did you stick with traditional resolutions, or did you attempt the one word challenge? I’d love to hear from you.


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