How a Good Bra and Pair of Earrings Can Change Your Life


I’ve seen many variations on the above quote. Most of the time, it’s from shoe stores trying to sell me a new pair of shoes. This one, however, of a runner tying up her shoes is the only one that resonates with me. Running can change your whole mood around. Feeling down? Go for a run! Except sometimes you can’t even convince yourself to go for that run. Maybe you hate treadmills like I do. Maybe you can’t get to your gym to use their indoor track. Maybe it’s too cold to go outside and get moving. Or maybe there’s ice on the roads and sidewalks making it too dangerous to walk outside, let alone attempt a run. So what do you do when you need that quick mood boost and you can’t put on your running shoes? I suppose you could just put the shoes on and see what happens. Unfortunately, when my running shoes are on, they compel me to move, so if I need a quick boost, I just can’t slip them on and get to work.

There are days I have trouble believing that it’s all worthwhile. If I don’t have to go to work, I sometimes feel like there’s nothing else to do that day because I feel it won’t get me anywhere. I have a dead-end job. Literally, dead-end. They gave a promotion I was up for to someone else because they felt sorry for the other candidate and she had held that position before. I once again woke up this morning sore all over from my workout attempts that have had no results other than a sore body. I’ve been trying to sell a book for over six years. Not just the one book, oh no. I’ve had several books I’ve finished and failed to sell. It’s hard to get up and working some days when there doesn’t seem to be a future in front of me.

So, on days like today, how do I get myself motivated to get up and going instead of lounging in bed all day? For me, it’s a good bra and a fierce pair of earrings. I love earrings. Ironic, because I haven’t had them for most of my life. My first attempts at piercing when I was a child ended up with a plastic earring post broken inside my earlobe. It wasn’t well until adulthood that I got my ears pierced again. Unfortunately, when I’m at work I’m limited to studs only, which eliminates half my earring choices. So, on my days off, it’s a chance for me to wear some of my favorite earrings, even though nobody else will be able to see them. Today, my earrings are a pair of fierce gold tigers from the Katy Perry ROAR collection. ‘Roar’ can be quite the motivational song and the earrings help me to keep that mentality in mind as I go about my business today. I also have a pair of Pinkie Pie earrings I keep on hand to remind myself that life is a lot more fun than I make it out to be at times.

As for the good bra part, well, I can’t function without a bra. At all. I can’t even play video games unless my girls are contained. I understand that doesn’t work for some of you. Some people find bras uncomfortable. It’s okay to be a braless wonder. I applaud you and even envy you a little bit. Because good bras are expensive and hard to find. I have student loan debt hovering over my head. I need to combine six Victoria’s Secret coupons just to buy one bra.

Okay, so maybe a good bra and a pair of earrings isn’t really going to change your life. The pair of shoes didn’t change Cinderella’s life either. She changed her own life by deciding to go to that ball. She went with a little push from her fairy godmother and extra confidence from her pretty shoes and fabulous dress. Something that gives you that little mood boost can be exactly what you need to make your day better. A succession of better days will make your life seem better than it was in the past.

Maybe it is a great pair of shoes. Maybe it’s your favorite pair of earrings. Maybe it’s a particular shade of lipstick that makes you feel fierce. Maybe it’s a particular coffee you drink in the morning that makes you feel great. My uncle thrives on Starbucks. Whatever it is that changes your mood around, I’d love to hear about it.


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