From a report from Polygon, I learned that after 17 years at the company, David Gaider and Bioware are parting ways on amicable terms.

It was December of 2009 when I first heard about Bioware and Dragon Age specifically.  I had found the “This is War” video while listening to Thirty Seconds To Mars music, and did some research into the game.  After spending several hours soaking up information from TvTropes, I discovered that there was a character in the game by the name of Andraste.  At the time, I had been working on an epic fantasy series with dragons that contained a main character named Andraste.  I had found the name after several hours of researching Celtic names, and had only found it listed on one website before the Dragon Age information started coming out.  It seemed far too strange to be just a coincidence.  The more I read about the game, the more I decided I needed to play it even though my computer was several years old and never designed for gaming and at the time I didn’t have a PS3.  It felt like it was my destiny to find these games, especially because of the strange occurrence of both myself and the Dragon Age writers using the name Andraste.

For Christmas that year, I received Dragon Age Origins for the PC.  My computer could barely handle it.  All the characters had black eyes.  I played that game for hours on end, creating several different characters and exploring the different options.  I can’t explain how much this series has meant to me.   Dragon Age revolutionized the way I look at games.  Who knew that there were games with romance options and where the choices you make actually have an affect on the overall plot?  Dragon Age changed the way I look at character interactions.  Most importantly, it changed my expectations of what a story could offer.

I haven’t played Dragon Age Origins in a very long time, even though I did eventually update to the PlayStation 3 version just so I could get characters with eye colors.  I finally got to learn what color Alistair’s eyes are!  I defended Dragon Age 2 (except for the recycled environments) for their decision to make all the love interests player sexual. I’ve read the books and the comics.  I entered Bioware’s short story contest a few years ago with the intent of hopefully getting the Skype Q+A session with David Gaider just so I could ask him some very specific questions about Herren and Wade.  Questions that I will likely now never get answered.  I waited patiently for five years to get the chance to finally run away with Cullen.  I cannot stress enough the impact that this series has had on my life and on my writing.

I would like to thank David Gaider for everything he’s done for the series.  For better or worse, Dragon Age will never be the same.




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