08/17/2016 Comic Picks of the Week

Pick of the Week

384589._SX640_QL80_TTD_DC Rebirth Harley Quinn #2

“Die Laughing” part two! As the plague of zombies on Coney Island continues to spread, Harley must rescue one of her own from the undead hordes…and try to uncover the cause of this corpse-y catastrophe!

Two weeks ago, Harley Quinn Rebirth #1 came out the door swinging with a teenaged runaway alien induced zombie apocalypse, and this week does not disappoint. If anything, I may love this issue even more than the last one.

Reasons to pick this one up:  Harley gets an undead horse at one point when she throws herself into the zombie horde.  Someone special makes a grand entrance with a weed whacker at the end.   Harley tried to take a pee break during the middle of a zombie fight, and honestly, I have never related to a character more in my entire life.

Reasons to avoid: None?  You don’t like Harley Quinn?  You’re turned off by some light zombie action?

Runner-up: Star Wars Poe Dameron #5


Black Squadron’s been locked away in a Republic prison! But they’re not locked in there with us, they’re locked in with…Terrex?! Can Poe and co. get the info they need and get free?

The Poe Dameron series was the reason I searched out my local comic shop in the first place and is what got this whole thing started.  I used to go once a month for Poe Dameron.  Now I’m there every week, and I’ve already earned my first reward on my loyalty card.

This month’s issue featured more droids, more Jessika Pava, and the information that Poe can charm the pants off a Hutt.  I don’t even want to know how Jess came to that conclusion.  Also, Black Squadron is still wearing the infiltration gear.  10/10 approve.

Reasons to pick up:  You love Poe Dameron as much if not more than I do.  BB-8 is amazing.  More Jessika Pava, which is great if you’re working on some fanfic.  Snap still has this thing with murderbots.

Reasons to avoid: The line about Poe being able to charm the pants off a Hutt.  Kare’s demise was not only foreshadowed, she was singled out for a grisly demise through Terrex’s threats.  I knew her chances of survival were dismal to begin with given that she was not in The Force Awakens, but I thought she would at least last ’til closer to the end of the series.  If we’re foreshadowing her death five volumes in, that’s not good.

Honorable Mention: N/A

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