10/05/16 Comic Pick of the Week

Pick of the Week


Voltron: Legendary Defender #3 (of 4)

A beautiful princess in the clutches of a vicious space dragon? Seems like a job for Lance! Voltron’s (over)confident Blue Lion pilot swings into action but pretty soon learns that this monster is not at all what it seems.

Look, these Voltron comics are amazing, and if you’ve watched the new Netflix series and you aren’t reading these, you should go out and find them.  This month takes us onto an incredible journey into Lance’s mind, and it’s just like you might expect it to be.  There’s a lot of him chasing after princesses and nearly getting choked in return, and small amounts of Lance being in love with Hunk.  No, seriously.  At the beginning Lance is so dismissive of everyone else to the point where Shiro is his right hand man, too serious but over all a good guy, Pidge is a mathematical genius, Keith is “the other guy,” but Hunk, man does he have a lot to say about Hunk.


I’m also very disappointed in the fact that no one seems to be talking about the fact that apparently Hunk is a good singer.  Did we already know this and I just missed it or do people just not care?  Because I feel like we definitely need to incorporate this into more fanworks.

Now, listen, I’m totally a Heith shipper through and through, and would like to point out to everyone that Heith week starts tomorrow and you should all go enjoy the Toasted Marshmallow™ goodness.  But, this comic has me shipping Hance like nobody’s business.  Look at how Lance waxes poetic about him.  He’s got more good things to say about Hunk than he does about the princesses they encounter.  This comic makes a very good Hance argument that I don’t feel like fighting against.


Reasons to pick this one up:  There is literally nothing about this comic that is not pure Voltron gold.  From Lance thinking the universe revolves around him to the princess dumping him in favor of fawning over Pidge instead, everything about this issue is amazing.  Not to mention Lance being really salty about Keith, and the artwork, and the fact that they never seem to stand in one place for more than one panel.  It’s quite fantastic really.  You would think that they would be able to stand still for at least the duration of a conversation.

Reasons to avoid: You’re still in denial about the season 2 trailer and  don’t want to be reminded of Voltron at the moment.  We’re all here for you.

Runner Up:


Jessica Jones (2016-) #1

She is back after a decade! A lot has changed in the Marvel Universe and there are still many secrets hiding in the shadows. Secrets only a special woman like Jessica Jones can hope to uncover. Discover the haunting secrets from Jessica’s past in this blistering new series. Alias Investigations is open for business.

I don’t know much about the Marvel NOW thing they have going on, but this has enough intrigue on it’s own to keep me interested. Spoiler alert:  And I guess I now know the fate of Misty’s arm on Luke Cage. 

Reasons to pick up:  The cover art is gorgeous and I love a good mystery.

Reasons to avoid: It’s mostly just set up at this point and I’m holding onto a slim hope that it lives up to it’s promise.  I already dropped Deadpool and the Mercs for Money for not keeping my interest enough.


 Honorable Mention:


411775-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_Harley Quinn (2016-) #5
“EAT TO THIS BEAT” part one! There’s been a string of brutal robberies and slayings up and down the East Coast, and the assailants are…knights on horseback?! Harley’s got a lead on the men behind the iron masks, but to find them she’s going to have to go undercover in the strangest place of all…New York’s punk scene!

It’s Harley Quinn, so it’s hard to go wrong with this one, although I could deal without the hinted return of the Joker.  Hate that guy.




416258-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_The Walking Dead #159
“THE WHISPERER WAR,” Part Three. The war rages on.

More zombies.  More people dying.  Oh, and Negan lost his one true love.  Such a shame.



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