Toasty – Release Date: Unknown

During a bitter struggle between Heaven and Hell, an angel and demon discover that love isn’t entirely a human concept.  The Horsemen have been released from their prison and, unknown to most humans, the Apocalypse has begun.  Chris, having spent the last five years atoning for his brother’s death by killing angels, hits the wrong target, a demon going by the name of Eric.  Eric and his partner, Angel, want Chris’ help; they want him to use the tricks he learned killing angels and battle the Horsemen.

However, Angel and Eric know there’s only one way to stop the Apocalypse.  They’ll need the last prophet chosen by Gabriel to close the gate to Hell, scheduled to open on December 20th, 2012.  They have less than a year to stop the Horsemen and prepare the prophet, but that’s not their biggest obstacle.  The human host bodies they’re inhabiting are starting to influence their behavior in ways they’re unaccustomed to, and what started as a simple partnership may be evolving.   Things just got a little warmer.


A top-secret agency dedicated to fighting domestic terrorism, usually of the biological or chemical kind.  Each book follows different members of the team on the various missions they undertake.  The first book, Lotus, follows Serafina and John to a small college town that has recently been victim to a serious of unexplained and gruesome murders.  There they run into a former surgeon on the B.H.C.S, and the three of them start HOPSIS together.

Legends of Damador

A series about the dragons of Damador, long thought to be extinct.  The first book had been finished, but when I decided perhaps it was not the best idea to publish them out of chronological order, the series sadly got pushed aside to focus on other projects, although I do intend on writing the other three someday.

Wolf Of Rome

A paranormal historical triology about a pack of werewolves during the Italian Renaissance.  The first book follows Bernadetta, a follower of Romulus, tempted by Christianity and the young Rodrigo Borgia.  She assists him in his quest for the papacy, despite threats against her pack.

The second book follow her son Silvio, who was at Cesare’s side during the French Invasion and his later conquest of the Romagna.

The third book is about Topolina, Bernadetta’s daughter and Silvio’s twin sister, who accompanied Lucrezia to Ferrara as bodyguard during her third marriage.

Untitled Chick Lit

Zoey, a successful business woman, takes a job at an arms and armament company, only to become entangled in a plot that would result in a hostile takeover that might kill the man she loves.


*This is not a complete list, only those that are completed, closest to completion or currently being worked on.

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