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Angel has a dark secret; she gave Hell the advantage in the upcoming war.  If she wants to atone, she must race against the Mayan calendar to stop the Apocalypse in its tracks.  Her enemies among the ranks of the angels, however, have forced her to take on an unaccustomed host.

Aiding her in this quest is Eric, a fallen angel of the highest order.  He claims he wants to stop the Apocalypse, even enlisting the aid of an angel killer and the last prophet, but he has secrets of his own that he would rather Angel not learn about.

They have less than a year to learn to work together and stop the Horsemen from destroying humanity; however, their biggest obstacle will come from within.  Angel is unprepared for her human host and all the emotions that came along with it.  Things just got a little warmer.

30 Days of Toasty



Quick list of characters, or the five man band:

Angel – Angel who has been working on a project to stop the Apocalypse, in an attempt to atone for one of the gravest mistakes she ever made.

Eric – Fallen angel, former comrade of Lucifer.  Quite a charmer, once you get past the fact that he’s a demon.  He assists Angel in her quest to stop the Apocalypse.

Chris – Angel killer Eric and Angel enlist to help them stop the Horsemen.

Claire – The last prophet and one of the few humans who can recognize angels in their human forms.

John – Angel who has been assisting Chris in the eradication of his brothers.

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